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Google Jinxed! Facebook Drives More Traffic to Media Sites

Google still stands on top when it comes to most viewed website around the world. However things might change in near future or else Google have to become more proactive on the things which they do. Facebook is becoming a serious competitor to Google; Facebook drives more traffic to media sites beats Google as per (analytics firm).

Facebook drives more traffic to media sites than Google

According to, Facebook is accounting for around 43% of traffic to the media sites in its network comprising above 350 outlets like Reuters, Mashable, Atlantic, etc. The numbers are really big, it sends over 6 billion views and 1 billion visitors, which is a taunting figure. As if for now, Google is accountable for 38% of traffic into media sites.

Facebook is rising in great speed, their rise to top traffic driver to media sites is not a big surprise anyway. If you monitor things more closely, you will find out why they are gaining speed. The increase in social media network users over past few years is in great numbers as well and it keeps counting, hence it has become a major power house for content distribution.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has already pointed out the next major goal of Facebook. I.e. to come up with a perfect personalized newspaper that can be of great advantage for it users around the world.

Facebook is trying to improve ties with publishers

Facebook have already initiated couple of things one of which is the launch of Instant Articles. The introduction of Instant Articles is already making waves, it comes with Facebook hosting, which is readily optimized with content from the top publishers like NewYork Times, BBC News, The Guradian, NBC and so many.

You can access the content present in Facebook app on smartphones quite easily, users doesn’t need to go out of the site by using an outside link. However, Facebook is playing really smart with Instant Article they have not disclosed, how it works well with users. Initiatives like these have helped Facebook to drive more audiences into it.

Anyway online publishers, definitely need this boost up of social network to reach out to more eyeballs and the campaigns managed by Facebook has turned out to be a blessing to them.

This healthy competition between Google and Facebook is actually helpful, when we think from the perspective of people around the world. And we are not really worried about who is gaining or losing, what matters to us is information.

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