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Facebook Pages is Getting More Friendly for Business Users

Facebook have moved from just being a social website to business website, they are making it easier for companies to run their businesses through Facebook.

Getting updated with features integrated with Facebook is part of the business strategy by companies these days. To help businesses of companies, Facebook have opened up the social network into two new sections, i.e. shopping and services. This allows the businesses to feature products and services directly into their Facebook pages. The new update was recently introduced by Sheryl Sandberg at company headquarters in California.

In the event at company headquarters, Facebook revealed there are around 45 million Facebook pages at present. These changes are already in effect and the page owners can hold the advantage of these additional sections for managing their business pages.

What does Shopping and Services sections have on offer?

Shopping section allows the retailers to showcase the products and sell it from their page itself. The Services section is aimed for companies that offer professional services such as technicians, where they can highlight the offers and different services.

The new sections are opened up for further possibilities as well, as Facebook reveal the sections are still in its testing phase with limitations. In coming days, you can expect more features inside these sections.

Facebook is exploring new ideas that can boost up businesses. It constantly evolving too, already in pages there are additional features like call to action, call now, send message and contact us, which is already being tested. And for non-profitable organizations another feature that is going to be added is “Donate” button, which will appear on the top of your page.

All these new features will take effect pretty soon, which is equally good for companies as well as customers. Customers land on a page to seek help from companies, information on the page should be precise for that. Companies can constantly keep in touch with customers to make more businesses.

Facebook is constantly working on adding more sections on pages to create more options to ramp more features for businesses. All the updates, which are happening around meant to optimize the Facebook pages of companies on the type of business and thereby increasing their Facebook presence.

Better control to page administrators

Another highlighted feature is increasing the role of Page administrators, giving them a better control facility that would help page administrators to have a better interaction with customers. The features like creating canned responses like in Gmail, where you can respond to common questions with the help of saved reply option. The newly added feature “reply privately” allows the admins to give reply privately to a customer who have commented publicly.

Facebook also emphasized on its forthcoming virtual assistant “M”. It is early days to predict anything on the artificial intelligent assistant service that Facebook has on their mind, as if for now the news is that it helps you to complete your tasks, make appointments, complete online orders. If all these features works out well then Facebook page can certainly do lot of stuff for you.

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