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Can Googles Instant Articles Compete Facebook?

Facebook instant articles have certainly helped media to create faster loading mobile versions of their stories. Facebook have took over what search engines were not able to provide. But by seeing this response now Google and twitter have decided to create their version of instant articles by teaming up together. What has led to this decision is quite clear? The potential competitive threat posed by Facebook is something which is seriously thought of by these giants.

Whether Google will be able to beat Facebook instant articles can’t be predicted at this stage. Google and Twitter is developing this open source project hoping that other companies will start adopting the platform.

Facebook’s instant articles and Googles Instant Articles?

The major differentiator between Facebook’s instant articles and this project is that Google and Twitter stay away from hosting content by themselves. Instead a snapshot of cached webpage will appear by clicking on a webpage. The user experience doesn’t make any difference though, it is similar to instant articles of Facebook, and publishers may be much more pleased by hosting their own content. Right now web publishers are hugely inclined to Facebook as they are the biggest traffic driver to their website. The same factor also turns out to be a fear for them and hence they were also looking to sort out a way to elude from this risk.

Everyone knows Facebook is growing big day by day, they are acting friendly but at the same time the hunger factor is evident as well. When they get even bigger, things can go out of hand as well. Tougher competitions from other sides will be beneficial for users rather than Facebook becoming a tyrant.

When Facebook rolled out Instant articles, web publishers were in kind of dilemma, as they were not sure of what they have to do. Staying reluctant to Facebook Instant articles wouldn’t be a great idea but relying too much on Facebook for getting traffic was also a matter of concern. Although there are number of things in favor of Facebook, the paradigm shift may happen if Google and Twitter works out this mission brilliantly.

Another giant who is working on a news platform is Apple with its iOS 9 which is called as News that helps to host content inside the app. As if now Apple and Facebook allows its publishers to keep the revenue of ads with themselves.

Right now it is not a win-win situation for Google and Twitter. They have to seriously challenge Facebook and come out by offering a much faster mobile experience to make any impact among users. It’s too early days to define anything more on Googles instant articles.

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