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More than half of the Worlds Population have no Internet Connectivity

To start with, I will say you are fortunate enough to read this article.

The reason for why I said fortunate is this; according to the study of United Nations Broadband Commission’s global stats of Internet connectivity is not even near to what we really fancy ourselves. Even though we keep saying that we are connected across the border, the fact is something different. In reality more than half of the worlds population have no internet connectivity. To hear that internet connectivity is a fairy tale story for more than half of the world is really saddening. The sources say that around 57% are still staying away from the regular use of internet. I.e. more than 4 billion people.

Let’s look at the interesting stats put forth by the committee:

  • Out of 7100 languages across the globe, only 5% of it is represented on the Internet.
  • The developing world only records 25% women have internet access as compared to men. In the sub parts of Africa the number goes to around 50%.
  • In the past year, the stats say that an average of 300 million people have gained access to internet.
  • The poorer countries still remain offline, 90% of the population in the 48 of world’s poorest countries still don’t have access to internet.
  • In the month of June, another study illustrated that 15% of Americans is still offline but which is far better comparing the previous study, which recorded 48% don’t use internet back in the year 2000.

The goal of United Nations to reach 60% of World making use of internet by 2020 seems like a taunting task by seeing the rate of growth since 2012. The major reason given for this is the lack of infrastructure when you go away from the urban areas. The rate of growth is even slowing down and is a major concern for all. The report also says, all these is true even for mobile subscriptions, we have reached to a saturation point almost and hence bringing new people to internet is getting slower than what have been imagined.

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