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3 Step Strategy to Counter Virtual Violence in Germany over Facebook

It is more than a month since we are informed about the first “racist post” report on Facebook. This issue has escalated to diverse levels within these days by receiving attention of the whole social media. Now, it is in crossroads as Heiko Maas, the German justice minister is about to discuss with Facebook officials about this matter. But there is one thing that demands more deliberate talk. Well, Facebook’s 3 step strategy to counter virtual violence or forbid xenophobic posts have adequate value to get considered.

Step 1: Partnership with FSM

FSM is a German non-profit association which is accredited as a self-regulatory body of online media. Facebook believes that it is on the right track of diminishing social disconcert by building effective associations with these kind of non-profit groups. Another point is; this social media giant may be considered the value of FSM as a local body of social media regulation.

Step 2: Set Up a Taskforce

This step has a general intent as it is not only limited to this regional case. It is a collective move from Facebook spanning Government Officials and non-profit organizations against all kind of hate speeches on internet. Facebook’s decision to give financial support to organizations that gather complaints against xenophobic posts can be read along with this.

Step 3: Campaign to promote a Counter Speech in Germany

Well, it is an interesting move. Rather seeking public campaigns, it focuses on expert level advices to combat racism through social media discussions. Experts from Scandinavia as well as from UK will be a part of this mission.

But, what does actually happen now on German FB?

According to Facebook community standards, there are clear-cut guidelines about racial abusing and hate speech. But in actual situations, deletion of racial comments happens only after evaluation of such comments which are flagged by users. Facebook always decline to take a decision on the material without a sufficient explanation. This company also claims that its community standards complies with German law in removing content.

As a contrary to these hate-speeches, various reports have released so far elucidating the support of Germans towards refugees. The findings of a recent survey conducted by Germany’s public broadcaster ARD, illustrates this clearly. About 59 percentages of Germans are in favor of accepting as many refugees or even more than currently expected. 67 percent are willing to volunteer their time for supporting refugees. A whooping 88 percentage of people are willing to donate clothing and money to the refugees.

Anyhow, let us wind up this discussion by mentioning Angela Merkel’s talk to Rheinische Post on racist issue, “When people stir up sedition on social networks using their real name, it’s not only the state that has to act, but also Facebook as a company should do something against these paroles.”

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