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Google Drive New Features that will make Searching Task Easier & Faster

With the arrival of Google Drive (April 24, 2012) and other cloud services, storage devices like flash drive is getting least significant and probably will be forgotten in near future. Millions have already registered with Google drive and it keeps pouring.

google drive new feature

From the day of its launch, Google is trying to make Google drive the best. In many ways they have succeeded too. To make your searching task easier and faster, a new search function is added to Google Drive.

Now you can find your files by the use of granular parameters (file types, word it contains etc). You can also search for shared files by file owner using their name or email address, modification date or with whom you shared files.

By using these ways, now you can make your finding task easier and faster in Google Drive

  • In the search box of Android, iOS and the web, narrow your search to a file type.
  • Open advanced search instantly from search box.
  • If you are on iOS, you can access recent files or search drive from the home screen using 3D touch.
  • Without opening the Drive app, you can find drive using the iOS search bar.

Google Drive new features will be available on Android, iOS and the Web version.

Google Drive which is already #Number_1, when we are talking about files storage in the cloud. Either we talk about oneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive or Copy, Google drive is best. It stores up to 5 TB data (15 GB free storage); paid plans are very less as compared to others ($2/ month 100 GB & $10/ month for 1 TB). And now with this easy searching function, it’s going to take one more powerful step to retain #Number_1.

These all are the part of upcoming effort of Google Drive which will be happening in few weeks. This feature will make Google Drive the simplest place to search any file and will definitely help millions of users. Till then be on the lookout for an app update.

Because it’s gotta be super easy to find out files (See everything here).

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