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Superb Keyboard Tricks That Can Save Your Precious Time

Knowledge of shortcut keys helps you for saving your most precious time. If you save your time, you can spend more time on other essential. You can also save your index finger from tedious strain affliction.

We’ve bring together few most- convenient keyboard tricks. It will definitely help you oomph through your tedious job.

If you are pressing F4 button- MS Excel repeats the last command. Just like if you highlight a cell yellow, F4 will repeat the command.

Select the snipping tool in start bar- It helps for taking a screenshot of selected part of Windows.

In address bar of the file explorer – type ‘cmd’ ,to open command prompt in the directory.

‘Windows key + a direction arrow’, moves the current Window to that side of street.

Wanna to lock your screen! Don’t see towards the system’s screen. Use ‘Windows key + L button’ and lock your screen easily.

To pause YouTube video press ‘K’. ‘J’ key and ‘L’ key are used for forward and backward video in 10 second increments simultaneously.

In Google Chrome, hold ‘S’ key and press right click on an image. It helps you to search for the picture.

Don’t use copy paste to open a link in a new window. Simply click on that link with middle mouse button. Link will open in new window.

If you open two or more tab in your browser, then simply use ‘Control + Tab’ for move to another tab (left to right). Use ‘Control + Shift + Tab’ to go in opposite way (right to left).

By using of ‘Control + Enter key’, you can automatically fill the ‘www’ and ‘.com’ in the browser page.

Are you facing problem, when you are trying to start your system? Try it- turn on your system then turn off again. Seriously it will help you.

List of shortcut keys are very long. But if you want to save your time, you must have to know about all important short keys.

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