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The Ultimate List of Best Android Photo Editing Apps

A well- designed Facebook profile pic gets more ‘Like’. Use your Smartphone, install best photo editing apps and makes your pic “world’s best”.

For editing a pic, no need to learn editing courses. Put a beautiful pic as your background image or set the contrast and color of your pic- all are in your fingertips.

Google Play logoSimply click on Google Play from your Smartphone and install these android photo editing apps.

#1 Pixlr

In Pixlr family; 9,73,352 users (till Dec 24, 2015) are available and 6,51,176 rated 5- star, that’s enough to tell the success story of this app.

Make your captured moment more beautiful via this app with over 2 million combinations of free effects, filters and overlays.



After completing the editing stuff, share that pic in your desired social networking sites.

Thanks to Autodesk Inc for making this mind- blowing photo editing app!

This tool is free of cost available in Google Play.

#2 Adobe Photoshop Express



With automatic fixes and filters of Adobe Photoshop Express, edit pics and explore them anywhere- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platform.

Doesn’t matters, which type of pic you have. This app has capability to make any type of pics awesome either normal pics or raw images.

This app is available in Google Play by paying very less amount (Just $7.00 – $8.00).

#3 PicsArt Photo Studio



With 250 million users, PicsArt Photo Studio is the champion in photo editing world.

“Creativity is more than just a filter”- PicsArt is already proved these words. A global community of creative’s with hundreds of photo editing tools, customizable effects and filters, advanced artistic brushes, drawing and painting tools with layers and lot more other outstanding features makes you a real artist in the field of photo editing.

PicsArt Photo Studio can make any pics as good as the professional photo- edit programming teachers teaches to their own students.

Install and Sing-up PicsArt Photo Studio from Google Play without paying any fee.

#4 Photo Editor by Aviary



LifeHacker which is a famous weblog about life hacks and software said about Aviary (Dec6, 2013 blog)“A very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone.”

Aviary is a powerful photo editing app, introduced by Aviary Inc. It makes task more- easier and takes quick span of time for editing a pic.

All the tools you need to edit a pic are available in this app. You just download it from Google Play Store and start editing your pics in your own way.

Also share those photos with your family and friends by using tap ‘apply’ and tap ‘done’.

This is a free editing app, available in Play Store.

#5 Lidow: layout snap mirror grid



Use blur magic effect of Lidow, and be superstar on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. Also creates some beautiful and amazing pics via these awesome features of Lidow app- color splash, mirror, filter, light leak, lens flare, texture, layout / grid, collage, Square etc.

Overall this is also a good option for picture editing.

Try this app. It’s free. Go to Google Play, type ‘Lidow: layout snap mirror grid’ and install it in your Smartphone.

Which is your favorite editing app? Share with us in the comment box.

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