5 Shortcuts using Shift Key on Web Browsers that Eases Your Life


Shortcuts using Shift Key on Web Browsers

We already know that every browser comes up with keyboard shortcuts to make your life easy. However some keyboard cuts is valued higher than the other. Some of them is quite revolutionary which is being used frequently and could never imagine browsing without them. And some keys are really special than others in browser for example Shift key which has a key role to play making life easy in browsers. Here is a list of 5 shortcuts using Shift key on Web browsers.

Scrolling Horizontally

The old fashioned method using scroll wheel on the mouse is still the most preferred one and easiest and convenient way to browse on web. But, what would you do when you have a web page or textbox that needs to be scrolled horizontally?

Usually what you would do is dragging the scrollbar manually, instead of that what you can try is use Shift + Scroll wheel, which is much easier to do anyway.

Open Recently Closed Tabs

You might have opened dozens of tab in your browser at any specific time. Users prefer to do this, so that they can read it later on or to find out any specific information or may be for multi-tasking. However there may be times that you accidentally close a specific tab which you really don’t want to.

To overcome such accidental mistakes, most browsers uses a shortcut Shift + Ctrl + T which will help you to reopen the recently closed tabs in the reverse order. What you have to do is hold on Shift + Ctrl and tap the T key for reopening recently closed tabs.

Page Up and Down

Spacebar key allows you to come down on a page that you are viewing. Not many people actually use this even, some people eventually realizes it when they do it by mistake.

But even lesser people know there is a short cut to go up on a page, Shift + Spacebar helps to move upwards on a web page. So, when you read a page next time, you can make use of it, which is more convenient.

Close all tabs

You can easily close all tabs altogether with a short cut Ctrl + Shift + W, which is really handy if you often open too many on your browser. This short cut is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Go forward on a tab

Backspace key will allow you to go back on a tab, if you have opened another page on the same tab. However you can go forward as well, use Shift + Backspace to do so.

If you know more shortcuts using Shift key on Web browsers; Share with us in the comments section!!



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