Don’t Blame Us! If You Can’t Resist Your Smartphone



Are you confused!!

List of apps on android play store is spinning your head?

According to Wikipedia, Google Play store has reached over 1.43 million apps published and over 50 billion downloads. It’s hard to pick the best one.

To help you out, here is the definitive guide to the best android apps around for all either you are beginner or a seasoned pro. This list will definitely help you to choose apps which are best one. Some you won’t have heard of, other’s you will be more familiar with.

Here’s the list of some android apps, which is probably not seen by you

Muzei App

Muzei is a live wallpaper app. This is one of the stunning apps that turn your phone’s home screen into a ‘Live Museum’. It gently refreshes the home screen regularly with some famous works of art.

This app isn’t chargeable.

Simply download it from your phone’s ‘Play Store’.


Usually, VLC is very famous media player in Windows and Mac platform. And now in mobile world, it is going famous day by day. Do you know, why?

Best thing in VLC app is, if your browser or phone doesn’t support that particular file format, you can easily watch that video file in VLC player.

No price. It’s free

Google Keep

It’s a flexible note- taking and reminder app, which capture what’s on your mind. This app will automatically copy out recorded voice memo for you.

You can also use color code and add labels for easy find out saved notes in future.

Charges: Free of Cost


Tired of having to switch windows or to stop video just to answer an incoming message?

HoverChat enables true multitasking by allowing you to read and reply to incoming message without ever leaving your current screen.

It’s a replacement for your stock messaging app where you can message without interrupting what you’re doing.

Cost: Free


Cover is a brilliant android lock screen app. It provides you fast access to the right apps at right time. No matters where you are. You can automatically see different apps anywhere, as most using apps by you are automatically puts on your lock screen.

Smart setting helps you to set different wallpapers and ringer volumes for home, work and when you’re out.

Price: Free

Light Flow

Light Flow permits you to take control of your phone’s notification. Phone which has LED light; it assigns a custom color for every notification either SMS, MMS, Emails, calendar, missed calls, low battery, Bluetooth or other kind of notifications.

Light Flow is available- free of cost.

Cerberus Anti- Theft

Cerberus is not only a ‘find my app’ or a phone tracker but also it has several unique feature, which makes this app a ‘perfect app’.

A complete Anti- Theft application that protect your device in several ways-

  • Remote control via website
  • Remote control through SMS
  • Automatic alerts

This app is available for free downloading (For one week only). After that, you can purchase the full license key for Lifetime at only $4.99.

One thing is best- If you’ve multiple devices, you can use all of them (up to 3) with the same Cerberus account.

Google Sky Map

Try it!! Google Sky Map is one of the best apps for those guys who wanna to know and learn about stars in depth.

Google Sky Map is developed by Google on Aug 27, 2007. It’s an awesome feature for Google Earth, avows users to view a fraternization of NASA satellites images, the Hubble Telescope and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey images.

No cost. It’s free.

Link Bubble Browser

Link Bubble Browser is recognized as Google Play’s best apps of 2014.

When you click on a link in an app, it loads the webpage in the background. After loading full page, it will animate on screen. Simply you can say- “Time saving app”.

“The Next Web: I’m tempted to call this something of a revelation”.

Price: Free


‘What’s your phone will do, when a certain task occurs in your phone”. This is decided by Tasker app.

You can create your own standalone app for sharing or selling purpose through this app.

Price $2.99


Wanna to design your own widget for your phone’s home screen!!

Try UCCW (Ultimate Custom Widget). Just install it and tell UCCW to make your own screen. It also offers an editor named- WYSIWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get). It allows to customize layout, images, shapes, fonts etc.

Cost: Free


A best P2P (peer to peer) app that download large-size files such as movies free software, free mp3 songs or other media files in a very fast way.

Through this app, you can easily create and share new torrent files, as this app comes with all the bells and whistles of other famous torrent applications.

It’s available free of cost in Google Play.

These are few. Beside’s these, plenty of other useful and exciting apps are also there in android app store. I mentioned here only those apps, which are really good and helpful for every android user.

Now it’s your turn. Share views of your favorite app- which is something different from other apps in the comment box.



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