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How to stop blush-making auto play Facebook videos!

Recently Facebook has enabled an auto play videos feature on its website and apps. Many of the Facebook users are feeling annoyed because of this feature. As well as it consumes your more data and the speed of internet also effects due to this.

It’s blush-making, when you sit in a meeting or on toilet and Facebook videos get started automatically.


stop blush making auto play Facebook videos-1

It’s enough!! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Now, it’s time to stop the stupidity!

It’s so simple for all desktop/ laptop users, android users or iOS users.

If you are using Facebook on your desktop, try this:

If you want to see the best solution to stop auto play Facebook videos, then you’ll love this video.

Open Facebook, click on head to the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner. Go the video setting page.

Alternate method: You can also go directly to setting page.

Now, you have to choose Auto-Play Videos option. Change setting from ‘Default’ to ‘Off’.

There is some problem in safari as setting doesn’t show up there (As some users reported). So those, who are using it, you try some other browser.

Android users

Just open Facebook app on your mobile or tab.

Open left sidebar and tap App Setting. Then check the “Auto play videos on Wi-Fi only” box.


stop blush making auto play Facebook videos-2


Those who use iOS

Disable auto-play videos by just going setting option of Facebook apps.

On the bottom right corner, click ‘More’ and head to setting > videos and photos. Now, tap Auto-Play setting to turn it off.


stop blush making auto play Facebook videos-3


That’s it. Now videos will play only, when you want to play. I personally tried and told other’s, how to stop FB videos.

Share if you know alternate ways to stop auto play Facebook videos in the comments.

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Google’s Team Finds Security Flaws in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Take any popular Android phone and get a team of some real hackers to crack the security. What do you think the result would be? Apparently, within a week’s time they will come up with a bucket of major and minor security flaws.

Expert security researchers from Google has just done the same, with the brand new Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge. Google’s team – Project Zero devoted just a week to find out a subtotal of 11 high risk security flaws in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. What’s most worrying is, out of which one even allow attackers to write a file into your device without asking for your permission.

High device security is the order of the day, you can never comprise on that. Worries like loss of data from your device is nothing in comparison to device security.

Remo Software says, “There are advanced applications to help you out in any adverse situations; loss of photos or other data is not a big deal, when you have access to the right tool. But if the device have any serious security flaw causing theft of data, it’s really hard to compensate.”

Which I think is so true, as you are totally clueless in case if data theft happens due to any serious security flaw unlike data loss where you have chances. And it could also get you into big trouble.

Execution plan by Project Zero

In order to find loop holes, team was divided into two; the North American and the European. The focus was on finding out routes to get access to contacts, messages, and photos by installing an app using Google Play which by no way have permissions to do it or through any remote access. And the research was carried out to make unauthorized code to the phone to hijack information even if it was wiped.

The researchers found most of the holes were coming from the device drivers; the researcher Natalie Silvanoich says these were found in less time and she also pointed out some of the issues were so trivial to exploit, making it really dangerous as a malicious hacker could easily exploit these loop holes to abuse a person.

The team submitted their findings to Samsung, where they claim to have already resolved eight out of the 11 reported. The unpatched issues are not that severe and will be fixed within November.

Even if the security holes were fixed by Samsung, the worrying factor is, a dedicated team were able find 11 bugs in such short time. However, Silvanovich praises Samsung for resolving most of the issues so quickly.

The decision of issuing updates to their devices more frequently were taken earlier by Samsung and Google to handle security issues. And Google is pushing updates with its Nexus phones and tablets on weekly basis whereas Samsung is updating its Galaxy series every month.

The news of security flaws in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that is being discovered now in Android software is potentially going to affect over a billion Android devices. And boy seriously security flaw is not something which you want to hear from a major brand.

Anything else you want to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

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Easy Method to Receive Files Directly into Dropbox

Have you ever thought of receiving photos and other files from people directly into your Dropbox? Normally what users do with Dropbox is adding files manually. But now it is quite easy to receive files directly into Dropbox. Well, Dropbox have a feature called file requests which allows you to receive files directly into Dropbox.

What’s more special about this newly added feature is you can get files from people regardless of whether the sender have Dropbox account or not. The files sent are directly delivered to the Dropbox folder as per your choice. It’s really that simple, do you think the same?

receive files directly into dropbox

How to request files in Dropbox?

In order to request files, you will have to visit the Dropbox request page or go to Dropbox’s web interface and choose file requests in the side bar. In the next screen, click on create a file request option.

Specify the title for the requested file and also the folder where you want to add these files. Fill those details in the text boxes appropriately and click Next button.

The next thing which you need is a unique file request link, so that you can share it with the people from whom you need to collect files. Dropbox could even email them the link if you wish. What you need to do is type in their email addresses.

To complete the procedure of file request process just click on “done” button. Another aspect of this method is the files which you received this way are private, i.e. only you could see the files.

Don’t you think it is a convenient  method to receive files directly into Dropbox?

Have you already used Dropbox file request feature? Do you know any other third party application that helps to receive files in an easier way. Share it with us in the comments section.

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Twitter will Soon Lift 140 Character Limitation

For the past several months, there were rumors that Twitter is going to lift the 140 character limit from tweets. And the rumors are going to be true. But what worries me is that from now on we will start receiving long tweets which may not be worthy to read. Anyway it’s not in our hands at this moment. However, most people still don’t have any idea why 140 character limitation at first place. I will start with the reason behind that.

Why Twitter came out with 140 character limitation?

The reason is Twitter got started using Short Message Service or SMS. And this is when most of the SMS carriers had a 160 character limit on each message. But when Twitter launched they decided to reserve 20 characters for the username and hence tweets were limited to 140 character limit. This is the shortest version of 140 character story. And the inside story is even bigger.

Inside Story:

The whole idea of this short message service came up in the minds of Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey. How a city actually functions in real time, this is what fascinated him. This thought made him to map the city’s services, support system that includes emergency services and vehicle dispatches so and so. But he found something missing out there after creating the whole picture of the city. The missing element is nothing but the people, which really makes the city alive for the most part.

When Dorsey signed for a Live Journal account, this whole idea of creating a digital service took rebirth. He worked on it and for the medium he decided to go with SMS protocol and this resulted in this 140 character limit into play.

But we cannot emphasize only one part of the story, there is of course a lot more into that which eventually led to the birth of Twitter.

So, what’s your take on 140 character limit? Is it really required to lift 140 character limit? Or Should Twitter keep this constraint to stop people from posting long stories? Or do you think long tweets are the order of the day?

Share your opinion in the comments!!

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3 Step Strategy to Counter Virtual Violence in Germany over Facebook

It is more than a month since we are informed about the first “racist post” report on Facebook. This issue has escalated to diverse levels within these days by receiving attention of the whole social media. Now, it is in crossroads as Heiko Maas, the German justice minister is about to discuss with Facebook officials about this matter. But there is one thing that demands more deliberate talk. Well, Facebook’s 3 step strategy to counter virtual violence or forbid xenophobic posts have adequate value to get considered.

Step 1: Partnership with FSM

FSM is a German non-profit association which is accredited as a self-regulatory body of online media. Facebook believes that it is on the right track of diminishing social disconcert by building effective associations with these kind of non-profit groups. Another point is; this social media giant may be considered the value of FSM as a local body of social media regulation.

Step 2: Set Up a Taskforce

This step has a general intent as it is not only limited to this regional case. It is a collective move from Facebook spanning Government Officials and non-profit organizations against all kind of hate speeches on internet. Facebook’s decision to give financial support to organizations that gather complaints against xenophobic posts can be read along with this.

Step 3: Campaign to promote a Counter Speech in Germany

Well, it is an interesting move. Rather seeking public campaigns, it focuses on expert level advices to combat racism through social media discussions. Experts from Scandinavia as well as from UK will be a part of this mission.

But, what does actually happen now on German FB?

According to Facebook community standards, there are clear-cut guidelines about racial abusing and hate speech. But in actual situations, deletion of racial comments happens only after evaluation of such comments which are flagged by users. Facebook always decline to take a decision on the material without a sufficient explanation. This company also claims that its community standards complies with German law in removing content.

As a contrary to these hate-speeches, various reports have released so far elucidating the support of Germans towards refugees. The findings of a recent survey conducted by Germany’s public broadcaster ARD, illustrates this clearly. About 59 percentages of Germans are in favor of accepting as many refugees or even more than currently expected. 67 percent are willing to volunteer their time for supporting refugees. A whooping 88 percentage of people are willing to donate clothing and money to the refugees.

Anyhow, let us wind up this discussion by mentioning Angela Merkel’s talk to Rheinische Post on racist issue, “When people stir up sedition on social networks using their real name, it’s not only the state that has to act, but also Facebook as a company should do something against these paroles.”

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Why Print Screen Key is not working? Check Dropbox Preferences!

You have numerous methods to capture what’s in the screen but the most preferred and favorite method is by using Print Screen button as it doesn’t require a paid software to do so. However, if you are worried about why Print Screen key is not working on your system, you may have to check applications like Dropbox installed on your system. Because Dropbox can hijack your Print Screen button and deny you from copying the screenshot to clipboard. Do you know it is possible to disable this option and reclaim the hijacked key? If you don’t know, I will guide you on how to do it.

If you notice Print Screen key is not working, follow these steps:

If Dropbox is not enable to run at startup then you may have to start Dropbox and find the icon from the system tray. After that, you will have to open the Dropbox preferences by clicking on the icon, follow the Gear icon then preferences

Inside the import tab, you will have to uncheck the Share screenshots using Dropbox option. Normally, this option will be enabled by default, which actually hijacks the usage of Print Screen key.

print screen key is not working

And when the setting is enabled to share screenshots, anytime you press the Print Screen button, it will take you to Dropbox folder instead of allowing you to add it on to the clipboard. And hence whenever you try to paste the screen you tried to capture, the previous item that you tried to copy will be pasted instead of the image. Therefore you will have to change the options by going to the settings manually.

Try this out, now you will be able to use your Print Screen button for pasting image into Paint or any other image editing application. However there are other screenshot capturing tools as well, which you can try to get your screenshot. I hope you are clear on what to do when you see your Print Screen key is not working.

Have anything more to add into this story, Share with me in the comments section!!

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5 Shortcuts using Shift Key on Web Browsers that Eases Your Life

We already know that every browser comes up with keyboard shortcuts to make your life easy. However some keyboard cuts is valued higher than the other. Some of them is quite revolutionary which is being used frequently and could never imagine browsing without them. And some keys are really special than others in browser for example Shift key which has a key role to play making life easy in browsers. Here is a list of 5 shortcuts using Shift key on Web browsers.

Scrolling Horizontally

The old fashioned method using scroll wheel on the mouse is still the most preferred one and easiest and convenient way to browse on web. But, what would you do when you have a web page or textbox that needs to be scrolled horizontally?

Usually what you would do is dragging the scrollbar manually, instead of that what you can try is use Shift + Scroll wheel, which is much easier to do anyway.

Open Recently Closed Tabs

You might have opened dozens of tab in your browser at any specific time. Users prefer to do this, so that they can read it later on or to find out any specific information or may be for multi-tasking. However there may be times that you accidentally close a specific tab which you really don’t want to.

To overcome such accidental mistakes, most browsers uses a shortcut Shift + Ctrl + T which will help you to reopen the recently closed tabs in the reverse order. What you have to do is hold on Shift + Ctrl and tap the T key for reopening recently closed tabs.

Page Up and Down

Spacebar key allows you to come down on a page that you are viewing. Not many people actually use this even, some people eventually realizes it when they do it by mistake.

But even lesser people know there is a short cut to go up on a page, Shift + Spacebar helps to move upwards on a web page. So, when you read a page next time, you can make use of it, which is more convenient.

Close all tabs

You can easily close all tabs altogether with a short cut Ctrl + Shift + W, which is really handy if you often open too many on your browser. This short cut is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Go forward on a tab

Backspace key will allow you to go back on a tab, if you have opened another page on the same tab. However you can go forward as well, use Shift + Backspace to do so.

If you know more shortcuts using Shift key on Web browsers; Share with us in the comments section!!

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More than half of the Worlds Population have no Internet Connectivity

To start with, I will say you are fortunate enough to read this article.

The reason for why I said fortunate is this; according to the study of United Nations Broadband Commission’s global stats of Internet connectivity is not even near to what we really fancy ourselves. Even though we keep saying that we are connected across the border, the fact is something different. In reality more than half of the worlds population have no internet connectivity. To hear that internet connectivity is a fairy tale story for more than half of the world is really saddening. The sources say that around 57% are still staying away from the regular use of internet. I.e. more than 4 billion people.

Let’s look at the interesting stats put forth by the committee:

  • Out of 7100 languages across the globe, only 5% of it is represented on the Internet.
  • The developing world only records 25% women have internet access as compared to men. In the sub parts of Africa the number goes to around 50%.
  • In the past year, the stats say that an average of 300 million people have gained access to internet.
  • The poorer countries still remain offline, 90% of the population in the 48 of world’s poorest countries still don’t have access to internet.
  • In the month of June, another study illustrated that 15% of Americans is still offline but which is far better comparing the previous study, which recorded 48% don’t use internet back in the year 2000.

The goal of United Nations to reach 60% of World making use of internet by 2020 seems like a taunting task by seeing the rate of growth since 2012. The major reason given for this is the lack of infrastructure when you go away from the urban areas. The rate of growth is even slowing down and is a major concern for all. The report also says, all these is true even for mobile subscriptions, we have reached to a saturation point almost and hence bringing new people to internet is getting slower than what have been imagined.

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Can Googles Instant Articles Compete Facebook?

Facebook instant articles have certainly helped media to create faster loading mobile versions of their stories. Facebook have took over what search engines were not able to provide. But by seeing this response now Google and twitter have decided to create their version of instant articles by teaming up together. What has led to this decision is quite clear? The potential competitive threat posed by Facebook is something which is seriously thought of by these giants.

Whether Google will be able to beat Facebook instant articles can’t be predicted at this stage. Google and Twitter is developing this open source project hoping that other companies will start adopting the platform.

Facebook’s instant articles and Googles Instant Articles?

The major differentiator between Facebook’s instant articles and this project is that Google and Twitter stay away from hosting content by themselves. Instead a snapshot of cached webpage will appear by clicking on a webpage. The user experience doesn’t make any difference though, it is similar to instant articles of Facebook, and publishers may be much more pleased by hosting their own content. Right now web publishers are hugely inclined to Facebook as they are the biggest traffic driver to their website. The same factor also turns out to be a fear for them and hence they were also looking to sort out a way to elude from this risk.

Everyone knows Facebook is growing big day by day, they are acting friendly but at the same time the hunger factor is evident as well. When they get even bigger, things can go out of hand as well. Tougher competitions from other sides will be beneficial for users rather than Facebook becoming a tyrant.

When Facebook rolled out Instant articles, web publishers were in kind of dilemma, as they were not sure of what they have to do. Staying reluctant to Facebook Instant articles wouldn’t be a great idea but relying too much on Facebook for getting traffic was also a matter of concern. Although there are number of things in favor of Facebook, the paradigm shift may happen if Google and Twitter works out this mission brilliantly.

Another giant who is working on a news platform is Apple with its iOS 9 which is called as News that helps to host content inside the app. As if now Apple and Facebook allows its publishers to keep the revenue of ads with themselves.

Right now it is not a win-win situation for Google and Twitter. They have to seriously challenge Facebook and come out by offering a much faster mobile experience to make any impact among users. It’s too early days to define anything more on Googles instant articles.

If you have anything to add on this then please share it in comments.

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Facebook Pages is Getting More Friendly for Business Users

Facebook have moved from just being a social website to business website, they are making it easier for companies to run their businesses through Facebook.

Getting updated with features integrated with Facebook is part of the business strategy by companies these days. To help businesses of companies, Facebook have opened up the social network into two new sections, i.e. shopping and services. This allows the businesses to feature products and services directly into their Facebook pages. The new update was recently introduced by Sheryl Sandberg at company headquarters in California.

In the event at company headquarters, Facebook revealed there are around 45 million Facebook pages at present. These changes are already in effect and the page owners can hold the advantage of these additional sections for managing their business pages.

What does Shopping and Services sections have on offer?

Shopping section allows the retailers to showcase the products and sell it from their page itself. The Services section is aimed for companies that offer professional services such as technicians, where they can highlight the offers and different services.

The new sections are opened up for further possibilities as well, as Facebook reveal the sections are still in its testing phase with limitations. In coming days, you can expect more features inside these sections.

Facebook is exploring new ideas that can boost up businesses. It constantly evolving too, already in pages there are additional features like call to action, call now, send message and contact us, which is already being tested. And for non-profitable organizations another feature that is going to be added is “Donate” button, which will appear on the top of your page.

All these new features will take effect pretty soon, which is equally good for companies as well as customers. Customers land on a page to seek help from companies, information on the page should be precise for that. Companies can constantly keep in touch with customers to make more businesses.

Facebook is constantly working on adding more sections on pages to create more options to ramp more features for businesses. All the updates, which are happening around meant to optimize the Facebook pages of companies on the type of business and thereby increasing their Facebook presence.

Better control to page administrators

Another highlighted feature is increasing the role of Page administrators, giving them a better control facility that would help page administrators to have a better interaction with customers. The features like creating canned responses like in Gmail, where you can respond to common questions with the help of saved reply option. The newly added feature “reply privately” allows the admins to give reply privately to a customer who have commented publicly.

Facebook also emphasized on its forthcoming virtual assistant “M”. It is early days to predict anything on the artificial intelligent assistant service that Facebook has on their mind, as if for now the news is that it helps you to complete your tasks, make appointments, complete online orders. If all these features works out well then Facebook page can certainly do lot of stuff for you.

If you have anything to add on to the story, you may share it in comments.

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