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Apple’s iPhone 7: The most awaited phone of 2016

After the huge success of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, The American Multinational Technology company Apple Inc. is going to move towards another series of iPhone. Recently news released from Apple Campus that iPhone next series phone- ‘iPhone 7’ will release in upcoming year.

iPhone 6 series phone- iPhone 6 and 6S has already registered a massive success of selling iPhone in opening weekend. The Retina Display Touch with 3D screen, A9 Chip with 64 bit architecture embedded M9 motion coprocessor, second generation fingerprint sensor, 12 megapixel iSight camera with 1.22µ pixels and some others marvelous features still getting more attraction from others.

iphone comp

See this graph. You can imagine, whenever Apple released iPhone new version, the sailing rate always increased from its previous models.

 iPhone 7 is just on the way. According to report, “Apple testing this model with USB-C, multi- touch 3D Touch, dual cameras, more.”

Just take a look of upcoming iPhone 7

 “Introducing the iPhone 7- Extend the possibilities”. What a first look…

All New Design

iPhone 7 will be totally different from the other iPhones.

This phone size will be 6 mm*66.5 mm*136.7 mm which is 5% thinner and 20% lighter from the previous one. This phone is even thinner from Samsung Galaxy S5 (8.1 mm) and iPhone 5S (7.6 mm). The LED- Backlit IPS LCD touch- screen is now 70% stronger.

IP57 Waterproof!!

Waterproof resistance with IP 57 rating (IP stands for “International Protection” rating or “Ingress Protection” rating and the two number in IP 57 refers to: 5- Dust Protected and 7- Immersion Protected) will give you the full freedom to use the phone also in swimming pool.

Wireless Charging

iPhones are best and approximately all features are available in all iPhones but one biggest stand- out feature that was missing from it- Wireless Charging.

iPhone 7 is coming up with Wireless Charging facility.

Now, instead of messing around the cables, you can charge the phone more easily and even more- faster from over 10 feet.

Netherland’s Furniture retailer multinational company-IKEA has recently introduced a range of furniture with in- built Wireless Charging too. Watch this video…

Camera that’ll take you into the real world

Experience the cinema standard video by its 4K resolution. With an advanced pixel technology, 240 FPS slow motion and two tone LED flash light- the 20.7 megapixel iPhone 7 Camera is awesome.

Front camera with 5 megapixel is also capable to take good snaps in low- light conditions.

A9- The most advanced chip ever in a smartphone with 64 bit architecture

With 64 bit architecture, the A9 chip is apple’s third generation chip. The A9 chip will bring another level of performance and efficiency to iPhone 7.

A9 chip can do CPU faster than 70% and GPU faster up to 90%.

Latest Touch ID Sensor

Simply by using your fingerprints, Touch ID lets you unlock the phone. And the improved latest Touch ID sensor will be more- faster than the previous generation Touch ID.

Battery back is impressive!

  • 14 hours on LTE network
  • 10 hours on 3D graphics
  • 57 hours on music playback
  • 60 days of standby

You can enjoy a lot with iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 will be released on September 2016.

Share your views about iPhone 7 in the comment box.


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Best 5 Laptops of 2015

On February 15, 1946, University of Pennsylvania introduced the first electronic general- purpose computer- “ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer)”.

After 35 years long journey (In 1981) that time came, when the first laptop- Osborne- 1 has launched by Osborne Computer Corporation. This laptop was quite heavy and it had no battery. Screen was very long (five inch) and the keyboard was in the lid of computer. Do you know the cost of this laptop? Cost was $1795.

As technology improved, laptop has grown smaller over the years. Now laptop has come with many awesome facilities like CD/ DVD drivers, huge storage capability, superb battery power, latest OS etc.

Now we are in 2015 which is almost going to end. With best configuration and marvelous design- many laptops came this year. If you’ve any plan to buy a laptop, check this list first.

#1 Dell XPS 13


Dell is founded on Feb 1, 1984 and still serving us good quality products. Recently Dell has launched its new laptop product- Dell XPS 13. This laptop already became the number- 1 laptop in different categories-

  • Best Ultrabook of the year
  • Best Windows laptop of the year
  • The best overall laptop of 2015

Dell XPS 13 is very- light in weight. Gorgeous “Infinity Edge” display and the real- estate screen are the most innovative part of this laptop. It’s incrementally faster than others just because of Skylake CPU and the full PCIe SSD.


If you are Lady Gaga’s fan and wanna listen music in loud sound, then 2- speakers of this laptop have tiny sound.

Starting rate is affordable [$869.99 – $904.48]

#2 Apple’s MacBook Pro 13- inch with Retina Display



When you pack 4 million pixels on the 13- inch model, then definitely result will be stunning. Images will take you a new level of realism, because of a groundbreaking retina display.

Apple’s added some mind- blowing features in MacBook Pro 13. A new force- sensing trackpad, powerful dual- core and quad- core Intel processor, faster flash storage and a longer battery life (more than 14 hours battery life) makes it incredible.

Enjoy the experience of loud- music with great sounding speakers.

Retina MacBook Pro 13 is available in three colors- Gold, Silver and Space Gray.

Price- in between $1199.00- $1299.00

#3 ASUS ZenBook UX305- A best budget- Ultrabook


ASUS’s new Windows 8 Ultrabook that is shown off at IFA in Berlin. See a look

This is the slimmest laptop ever (12.3 mm thick and 1.2 kg or 2.6 pounds weight); which is made specially focusing on students, young- professionals and other go- getters, as it will easily slide into the briefcase.

ASUS ZenBook UX305 packs in a 256 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM with comparatively less price from others [$699.00-$778.00]

#4 MacBook Air 13- inch



With superb keyboard and trackpad, Apple’s MacBook Air 13- inch provides you solid performance, marvelous battery life, latest chips and ports and an amazing solid aluminum uni-body chassis.

MacBook Air is very fast as it has 1.6 GHz dual- core Intel core i5 processor, Turbo boost up to 2.7 GHz Intel HD graphics and 256 GB PCIe- based flash storage.

Battery life, feature, performance and design- Overall this is the best in all sections.

Price- $999.00 – $1199.00

#5 Toshiba Chromebook 2

Why Chromebook!

A Chromebook is a best option for those who spend their most of time in a web browser and have no issue if the browser is Google Chrome. It runs on Google’s Chrome OS but in other side, it can’t run any of the traditional computer application such as iTunes, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, games etc.

Looking for a Chromebook!

Just go with Toshiba Chromebook 2.



This is the best Chromebook for most of the users. A 13.3- inch IPS display, 4 GB DDR3 memory. 16 GB SSD and roughly 7 hrs battery life is enough for a user. Toshiba manages all stuff between the quality of screen, portability, performance and affordability for the users.

Starting at: $229.99 only

To pick a perfect laptop will save both money as well as frustration.

Which among these laptops impressed you the most?

If you’ve something special in your list, Share it in the comment section.

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Playing Games Can Cure Your Worries; Gamer Try These iOS Games

“Video games foster the mindset that allows creativity to grow” – Nolan Bushnell (Founder of Atari)

If you’ve iPhone or iPad and feeling lonely in home or office- play a game. It always keeps you busy and tension- free.

“You don’t see people react this way when they read a book, view a painting, even watch a movie!” – Melissinos

Drama, emotion, challenge, winner and sometimes looser- all happens in a game.

Game- nighters! Shall we begin…

Real Racing 3: Best iOS Racing Game



100 million downloads in over 100 countries with many languages, Electronic Arts Inc. product Real Racing 3 sets the new standard for racing games on mobile.

Real cars, real tracks, real people and more choices than ever- you can feel a full generation ahead of the competitions.

The Tabby Award 2014 winner, Mobile Excellence Award 2013, Game Connect Asia Pacific 2013 Award and Finalist of Meffy Awards 2013 is enough to tell the success story of this gaming app.

Supports both iPhone and iPad

Price- Free

Monument Valley: Best iOS Puzzle Game

“Mountain valley stuns with it’s serenity…. Each screen is a word of art”- Huffington Post



Apple game of the year 2014 and winner of apple design award 2014, Monument Valley is one of the mind-blowing mind games, I ever seen.

When you play this game, definitely you’ll manipulate impossible architecture. Ida- a silent princess will guide on the mysterious mountain.

Go this stunningly beautiful world and solve the puzzle!

This ustwo’s gamming app supports both iPhone and iPad.

Price- $3.99

Heads Up! – A Best iOS Family Game

A fun and hilarious game- Heads Up! That Ellen DeGeneres played on her show….



According to The New York Times it’s a ‘Sensation’.

Really it’s a sensation. Either 1 friend or 100 friends- no issue! Play this with your all friends at the same time. Challenge your friends to guess as many words as possible from a themed deck cards that totally based on friends’ clues. Just tilt your phone and draw a new card. Lots of categories are also there. So you can choose your best one or make a new category.

Now it’s your turn! Play this game with your family or friends and Keeps your hilarious game play video in your cell phone or shares it in Facebook.

Supports both iPhone and iPad

Price- worth $0.99 only

Shadowrun: Dragonfall: Director’s Cut: Best iOS RPG Game

This is the ultimate version of Harebrained Schemes LLC critically- acclaimed Dragonfall campaign.



You can choose a skill- based character and command your team. Also can choose your actions wisely move to better cover with over 200 weapons and spells at your disposal. A fun- favorite game setting experiences you the ‘’Tech meets Magic” dystopian future of Shadowrun. So if you’ve no prior Shadowrun experience, this app is the perfect entry point to the setting.

Supports only iPad 3 and above

Price- $14.99

Infinity Blade III: Best iOS Action Game



“4 out of 4 – Another fantastic epic!”

Hey, I’m not saying this. It’s the “USA TODAY” view about this sensational gamming app.

Angry Bird, Candy Crush Saga or other popular games- Infinity Blade III is serving just like a champion for all video game admirers.

With an epinephrine-fueled sword-battle, dazzling oculars and a electrifying story of love, deception, and redemption, the real iOS blockbuster returns.

The responsive and intuitive touch controls, easy navigation, awesome 3D world, global clashmob challenges makes this action game more excited and sensational app.

Supports iPhone and iPad both devices

Price- $0.99 only

Walking Dead: The Game –Season 2: Best iOS Adventure Game



All I see in “The Walking Dead: The Game- Season 2” is an amazing, heartwarming, sad game that also has a story line that matches perfectly with the setting. Tall Tale efforts are awesome. In Seasons 2, all the critical popular episodes are available-

  • Episode1- All That Remains
  • Episode2- A House Divided
  • Episode3- In Harm’s Way
  • Episode4- Amid The Ruins
  • Episode5- No Going Back

Supports both iPhone and iPad

Download this game from iTunes without any cost.

Trivia Crack: Best iOS Trivia Game

Via this app, you can learn something new while having fun.

See this video….



See how smarter you are? Just be the part of Trivia Crack family. 1000+ exciting questions and 20+ game languages are available in this app which will check your smartness. You can also create your own question and chat with your opponents.

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Cost- Free

FTL [Faster Than Light]: Best iOS Strategy Game

Become the captain of your own starship!!



Enjoy the experience of atmosphere with a dangerous mission- A mission where you will try to save the galaxy but with every encounter, you will face a unique challenge with several options.

This app is compatible with iPad only.

Price- $9.99

Try these apps.

Here’s whole list of Gamming App for iPhone and iPad

What’s your favorite game? Share your experience with us.

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