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How to Give Your Cell Phone a Spring Cleaning?

A mobile phone is one of the important gadgets that people carry with them anywhere including the loo. Then how can you expect that your phone is clean!

Even the toilet seat is cleaner than your cell phone.

Watch this video…


This report has published in Mashable (A famous digital media website).

Apart from toilet, these are some other things, which are more- cleaner than phone:

  1. Toilet seat (Bacteria per square inch 1201)
  2. Kitchen counter (Bacteria per square inch 1736)
  3. Pet food dish (Bacteria per square inch 2110)
  4. Check- out screen (Bacteria per square inch 4500)
  5. Doorknob (Bacteria per square inch 8643)

And the fun fact that you can’t think about your cell-phone! A cell-phone contains roughly 25000 germs per square inch.

Dr. Charles Gerba (Microbiology professor of the University of Arizona) said- “The results were not surprising” (Reported by Deb Group). He explained further, “No one ever cleans or disinfects their phone, so the germs and bacteria just keep building up.”

What types of germs- E. coli, influenza and MRSA (Methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus), that causes rashes and skin infections in different parts of the body, he said.

Neglecting to clean the cell phone is such an awful tech habit. Let’s take a good initiative this year- we will clean our cell phone from viruses and bacteria and get healthy.

Few of the tech- friendly tips to give your cell phone a spring cleaning

First thing before cleaning your cell phone- Switch- off the phone and remove the battery and faceplate. If keypad comes off easily, remove them.

Clean Cell Phone’s Screen from Microfiber Cloth and iKlear


Microfiber cloth which is a soft, lint- free synthetic fiber cloth is the best option to clean the sensitive surfaces of the phone. Use a good quality Microfiber cloth especially for phone’s screen.

For dirtier- screen, use a tried- and- tested cleaner such as iKlear cleaning kit.


iKlear cleaning kit is the Apple’s product, which is residue- free and environment-friendly polish. This is the only cleaning kit which is recommended by Apple Tech- Support and used by Apple Care.

Use iKlear with an anti-bacteria Microfiber cloth on phone’s screen can reduce 99% of the bacteria from it.

Note: Never use paper- towel or other paper- based towels as they can leave scratches on the screen.

paper towel


Use Compressed Air

As the pressure of compressed air is higher than the atmospheric pressure, it is good for cleaning out dust from keypad, headphone slot and charging slot. Lint, sand and more from the phone is easily got out of your phone via compressed air.

UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

UV cell phone sanitizer is mainly use to eliminate the unseen germs and bacteria from cell phone. It doesn’t make your device shiny.


In this video, you can see a UV cell phone sanitizer product named- ‘VIO light UV Cell Phone Sanitizer’ with worth $49.95. As UV light is used in industrial- setting for sanitizing on a much larger scale, this product claims that its working style is almost same as industrial- setting on a much smaller scale.

Phonesoap 2.0 ($59.95)

To charge a phone is compulsory for everybody but think if you have a charger that cleans the phone while it is charging!

Phonesoap 2.0 is the only phone charger that does same stuff.

How does it work?


Simply lift the lid and put your phone inside it. If you want to charge the phone then Plug- in. Close the lid. Sanitization will start and ends automatically within 4 minutes.

Homemade Cleaner

homemade 1
If you don’t want to spend much money on commercial cleaning products then homemade cleaner is also a good option to clean the cell phone.

To get started, you will need to manage these things first:

  1. Lint- free microfiber cloth
  2. Wood shafted cotton swabs or Q- tips branded cotton swabs
  3. Distilled water
  4. Isopropyl alcohol

homemade cleaner

Now, mix distilled water and isopropyl alcohol in the 50:50 ratios. Wet the Q- tip or wood shafted cotton swabs with the mixture of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water and apply it to the whole surface of your phone part, one at a time.

Use a lint- free microfiber cloth with this mixture and use it to clean the phone’s screen. Now your phone is new as well as it is free from bacteria and other viruses.

Remember: Household chemicals and disinfectants are too harsh, so never use these things to clean cell phone.

Household chemicals and disinfectants

Now you won’t get sick because of the dirty phone.

Is there any cool method to clean the phone that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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The Ultimate List of Best Android Photo Editing Apps

A well- designed Facebook profile pic gets more ‘Like’. Use your Smartphone, install best photo editing apps and makes your pic “world’s best”.

For editing a pic, no need to learn editing courses. Put a beautiful pic as your background image or set the contrast and color of your pic- all are in your fingertips.

Google Play logoSimply click on Google Play from your Smartphone and install these android photo editing apps.

#1 Pixlr

In Pixlr family; 9,73,352 users (till Dec 24, 2015) are available and 6,51,176 rated 5- star, that’s enough to tell the success story of this app.

Make your captured moment more beautiful via this app with over 2 million combinations of free effects, filters and overlays.



After completing the editing stuff, share that pic in your desired social networking sites.

Thanks to Autodesk Inc for making this mind- blowing photo editing app!

This tool is free of cost available in Google Play.

#2 Adobe Photoshop Express



With automatic fixes and filters of Adobe Photoshop Express, edit pics and explore them anywhere- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platform.

Doesn’t matters, which type of pic you have. This app has capability to make any type of pics awesome either normal pics or raw images.

This app is available in Google Play by paying very less amount (Just $7.00 – $8.00).

#3 PicsArt Photo Studio



With 250 million users, PicsArt Photo Studio is the champion in photo editing world.

“Creativity is more than just a filter”- PicsArt is already proved these words. A global community of creative’s with hundreds of photo editing tools, customizable effects and filters, advanced artistic brushes, drawing and painting tools with layers and lot more other outstanding features makes you a real artist in the field of photo editing.

PicsArt Photo Studio can make any pics as good as the professional photo- edit programming teachers teaches to their own students.

Install and Sing-up PicsArt Photo Studio from Google Play without paying any fee.

#4 Photo Editor by Aviary



LifeHacker which is a famous weblog about life hacks and software said about Aviary (Dec6, 2013 blog)“A very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone.”

Aviary is a powerful photo editing app, introduced by Aviary Inc. It makes task more- easier and takes quick span of time for editing a pic.

All the tools you need to edit a pic are available in this app. You just download it from Google Play Store and start editing your pics in your own way.

Also share those photos with your family and friends by using tap ‘apply’ and tap ‘done’.

This is a free editing app, available in Play Store.

#5 Lidow: layout snap mirror grid



Use blur magic effect of Lidow, and be superstar on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. Also creates some beautiful and amazing pics via these awesome features of Lidow app- color splash, mirror, filter, light leak, lens flare, texture, layout / grid, collage, Square etc.

Overall this is also a good option for picture editing.

Try this app. It’s free. Go to Google Play, type ‘Lidow: layout snap mirror grid’ and install it in your Smartphone.

Which is your favorite editing app? Share with us in the comment box.

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Superb Keyboard Tricks That Can Save Your Precious Time

Knowledge of shortcut keys helps you for saving your most precious time. If you save your time, you can spend more time on other essential. You can also save your index finger from tedious strain affliction.

We’ve bring together few most- convenient keyboard tricks. It will definitely help you oomph through your tedious job.

If you are pressing F4 button- MS Excel repeats the last command. Just like if you highlight a cell yellow, F4 will repeat the command.

Select the snipping tool in start bar- It helps for taking a screenshot of selected part of Windows.

In address bar of the file explorer – type ‘cmd’ ,to open command prompt in the directory.

‘Windows key + a direction arrow’, moves the current Window to that side of street.

Wanna to lock your screen! Don’t see towards the system’s screen. Use ‘Windows key + L button’ and lock your screen easily.

To pause YouTube video press ‘K’. ‘J’ key and ‘L’ key are used for forward and backward video in 10 second increments simultaneously.

In Google Chrome, hold ‘S’ key and press right click on an image. It helps you to search for the picture.

Don’t use copy paste to open a link in a new window. Simply click on that link with middle mouse button. Link will open in new window.

If you open two or more tab in your browser, then simply use ‘Control + Tab’ for move to another tab (left to right). Use ‘Control + Shift + Tab’ to go in opposite way (right to left).

By using of ‘Control + Enter key’, you can automatically fill the ‘www’ and ‘.com’ in the browser page.

Are you facing problem, when you are trying to start your system? Try it- turn on your system then turn off again. Seriously it will help you.

List of shortcut keys are very long. But if you want to save your time, you must have to know about all important short keys.

See this page also to know more short keys- General keyboard shortcut

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Don’t Blame Us! If You Can’t Resist Your Smartphone

Are you confused!!

List of apps on android play store is spinning your head?

According to Wikipedia, Google Play store has reached over 1.43 million apps published and over 50 billion downloads. It’s hard to pick the best one.

To help you out, here is the definitive guide to the best android apps around for all either you are beginner or a seasoned pro. This list will definitely help you to choose apps which are best one. Some you won’t have heard of, other’s you will be more familiar with.

Here’s the list of some android apps, which is probably not seen by you

Muzei App

Muzei is a live wallpaper app. This is one of the stunning apps that turn your phone’s home screen into a ‘Live Museum’. It gently refreshes the home screen regularly with some famous works of art.

This app isn’t chargeable.

Simply download it from your phone’s ‘Play Store’.


Usually, VLC is very famous media player in Windows and Mac platform. And now in mobile world, it is going famous day by day. Do you know, why?

Best thing in VLC app is, if your browser or phone doesn’t support that particular file format, you can easily watch that video file in VLC player.

No price. It’s free

Google Keep

It’s a flexible note- taking and reminder app, which capture what’s on your mind. This app will automatically copy out recorded voice memo for you.

You can also use color code and add labels for easy find out saved notes in future.

Charges: Free of Cost


Tired of having to switch windows or to stop video just to answer an incoming message?

HoverChat enables true multitasking by allowing you to read and reply to incoming message without ever leaving your current screen.

It’s a replacement for your stock messaging app where you can message without interrupting what you’re doing.

Cost: Free


Cover is a brilliant android lock screen app. It provides you fast access to the right apps at right time. No matters where you are. You can automatically see different apps anywhere, as most using apps by you are automatically puts on your lock screen.

Smart setting helps you to set different wallpapers and ringer volumes for home, work and when you’re out.

Price: Free

Light Flow

Light Flow permits you to take control of your phone’s notification. Phone which has LED light; it assigns a custom color for every notification either SMS, MMS, Emails, calendar, missed calls, low battery, Bluetooth or other kind of notifications.

Light Flow is available- free of cost.

Cerberus Anti- Theft

Cerberus is not only a ‘find my app’ or a phone tracker but also it has several unique feature, which makes this app a ‘perfect app’.

A complete Anti- Theft application that protect your device in several ways-

  • Remote control via website
  • Remote control through SMS
  • Automatic alerts

This app is available for free downloading (For one week only). After that, you can purchase the full license key for Lifetime at only $4.99.

One thing is best- If you’ve multiple devices, you can use all of them (up to 3) with the same Cerberus account.

Google Sky Map

Try it!! Google Sky Map is one of the best apps for those guys who wanna to know and learn about stars in depth.

Google Sky Map is developed by Google on Aug 27, 2007. It’s an awesome feature for Google Earth, avows users to view a fraternization of NASA satellites images, the Hubble Telescope and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey images.

No cost. It’s free.

Link Bubble Browser

Link Bubble Browser is recognized as Google Play’s best apps of 2014.

When you click on a link in an app, it loads the webpage in the background. After loading full page, it will animate on screen. Simply you can say- “Time saving app”.

“The Next Web: I’m tempted to call this something of a revelation”.

Price: Free


‘What’s your phone will do, when a certain task occurs in your phone”. This is decided by Tasker app.

You can create your own standalone app for sharing or selling purpose through this app.

Price $2.99


Wanna to design your own widget for your phone’s home screen!!

Try UCCW (Ultimate Custom Widget). Just install it and tell UCCW to make your own screen. It also offers an editor named- WYSIWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get). It allows to customize layout, images, shapes, fonts etc.

Cost: Free


A best P2P (peer to peer) app that download large-size files such as movies free software, free mp3 songs or other media files in a very fast way.

Through this app, you can easily create and share new torrent files, as this app comes with all the bells and whistles of other famous torrent applications.

It’s available free of cost in Google Play.

These are few. Beside’s these, plenty of other useful and exciting apps are also there in android app store. I mentioned here only those apps, which are really good and helpful for every android user.

Now it’s your turn. Share views of your favorite app- which is something different from other apps in the comment box.

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How to stop blush-making auto play Facebook videos!

Recently Facebook has enabled an auto play videos feature on its website and apps. Many of the Facebook users are feeling annoyed because of this feature. As well as it consumes your more data and the speed of internet also effects due to this.

It’s blush-making, when you sit in a meeting or on toilet and Facebook videos get started automatically.


stop blush making auto play Facebook videos-1

It’s enough!! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Now, it’s time to stop the stupidity!

It’s so simple for all desktop/ laptop users, android users or iOS users.

If you are using Facebook on your desktop, try this:

If you want to see the best solution to stop auto play Facebook videos, then you’ll love this video.

Open Facebook, click on head to the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner. Go the video setting page.

Alternate method: You can also go directly to setting page.

Now, you have to choose Auto-Play Videos option. Change setting from ‘Default’ to ‘Off’.

There is some problem in safari as setting doesn’t show up there (As some users reported). So those, who are using it, you try some other browser.

Android users

Just open Facebook app on your mobile or tab.

Open left sidebar and tap App Setting. Then check the “Auto play videos on Wi-Fi only” box.


stop blush making auto play Facebook videos-2


Those who use iOS

Disable auto-play videos by just going setting option of Facebook apps.

On the bottom right corner, click ‘More’ and head to setting > videos and photos. Now, tap Auto-Play setting to turn it off.


stop blush making auto play Facebook videos-3


That’s it. Now videos will play only, when you want to play. I personally tried and told other’s, how to stop FB videos.

Share if you know alternate ways to stop auto play Facebook videos in the comments.

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Easy Method to Receive Files Directly into Dropbox

Have you ever thought of receiving photos and other files from people directly into your Dropbox? Normally what users do with Dropbox is adding files manually. But now it is quite easy to receive files directly into Dropbox. Well, Dropbox have a feature called file requests which allows you to receive files directly into Dropbox.

What’s more special about this newly added feature is you can get files from people regardless of whether the sender have Dropbox account or not. The files sent are directly delivered to the Dropbox folder as per your choice. It’s really that simple, do you think the same?

receive files directly into dropbox

How to request files in Dropbox?

In order to request files, you will have to visit the Dropbox request page or go to Dropbox’s web interface and choose file requests in the side bar. In the next screen, click on create a file request option.

Specify the title for the requested file and also the folder where you want to add these files. Fill those details in the text boxes appropriately and click Next button.

The next thing which you need is a unique file request link, so that you can share it with the people from whom you need to collect files. Dropbox could even email them the link if you wish. What you need to do is type in their email addresses.

To complete the procedure of file request process just click on “done” button. Another aspect of this method is the files which you received this way are private, i.e. only you could see the files.

Don’t you think it is a convenient  method to receive files directly into Dropbox?

Have you already used Dropbox file request feature? Do you know any other third party application that helps to receive files in an easier way. Share it with us in the comments section.

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Why Print Screen Key is not working? Check Dropbox Preferences!

You have numerous methods to capture what’s in the screen but the most preferred and favorite method is by using Print Screen button as it doesn’t require a paid software to do so. However, if you are worried about why Print Screen key is not working on your system, you may have to check applications like Dropbox installed on your system. Because Dropbox can hijack your Print Screen button and deny you from copying the screenshot to clipboard. Do you know it is possible to disable this option and reclaim the hijacked key? If you don’t know, I will guide you on how to do it.

If you notice Print Screen key is not working, follow these steps:

If Dropbox is not enable to run at startup then you may have to start Dropbox and find the icon from the system tray. After that, you will have to open the Dropbox preferences by clicking on the icon, follow the Gear icon then preferences

Inside the import tab, you will have to uncheck the Share screenshots using Dropbox option. Normally, this option will be enabled by default, which actually hijacks the usage of Print Screen key.

print screen key is not working

And when the setting is enabled to share screenshots, anytime you press the Print Screen button, it will take you to Dropbox folder instead of allowing you to add it on to the clipboard. And hence whenever you try to paste the screen you tried to capture, the previous item that you tried to copy will be pasted instead of the image. Therefore you will have to change the options by going to the settings manually.

Try this out, now you will be able to use your Print Screen button for pasting image into Paint or any other image editing application. However there are other screenshot capturing tools as well, which you can try to get your screenshot. I hope you are clear on what to do when you see your Print Screen key is not working.

Have anything more to add into this story, Share with me in the comments section!!

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5 Shortcuts using Shift Key on Web Browsers that Eases Your Life

We already know that every browser comes up with keyboard shortcuts to make your life easy. However some keyboard cuts is valued higher than the other. Some of them is quite revolutionary which is being used frequently and could never imagine browsing without them. And some keys are really special than others in browser for example Shift key which has a key role to play making life easy in browsers. Here is a list of 5 shortcuts using Shift key on Web browsers.

Scrolling Horizontally

The old fashioned method using scroll wheel on the mouse is still the most preferred one and easiest and convenient way to browse on web. But, what would you do when you have a web page or textbox that needs to be scrolled horizontally?

Usually what you would do is dragging the scrollbar manually, instead of that what you can try is use Shift + Scroll wheel, which is much easier to do anyway.

Open Recently Closed Tabs

You might have opened dozens of tab in your browser at any specific time. Users prefer to do this, so that they can read it later on or to find out any specific information or may be for multi-tasking. However there may be times that you accidentally close a specific tab which you really don’t want to.

To overcome such accidental mistakes, most browsers uses a shortcut Shift + Ctrl + T which will help you to reopen the recently closed tabs in the reverse order. What you have to do is hold on Shift + Ctrl and tap the T key for reopening recently closed tabs.

Page Up and Down

Spacebar key allows you to come down on a page that you are viewing. Not many people actually use this even, some people eventually realizes it when they do it by mistake.

But even lesser people know there is a short cut to go up on a page, Shift + Spacebar helps to move upwards on a web page. So, when you read a page next time, you can make use of it, which is more convenient.

Close all tabs

You can easily close all tabs altogether with a short cut Ctrl + Shift + W, which is really handy if you often open too many on your browser. This short cut is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Go forward on a tab

Backspace key will allow you to go back on a tab, if you have opened another page on the same tab. However you can go forward as well, use Shift + Backspace to do so.

If you know more shortcuts using Shift key on Web browsers; Share with us in the comments section!!

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Learn How to Backup WhatsApp chat using Google Drive

Do you know that it is possible to backup WhatsApp chat by using Google Drive? You are probably here to find it out. Every smartphone user have WhatsApp installed in it, as it is an awesome free messaging app where it’s extremely easy to share things with people.

When you share lot of information on a daily basis and someday due to some freaking situation, if you have to reset android device then all your chats will be lost in all. You can sit back without worrying about anything if you have a backup plan to store WhatsApp chat. And Google Drive allows you to do so within few clicks.

So, how to backup WhatsApp chat using Google Drive? We have mentioned it below, have a look.

You can start with setting up WhatsApp messenger application, the next thing in front of you is restoring or backing up with the help of google account, which will help to store all the chat history safely inside your Google Drive account. Here are the steps that have to be followed.

Follows these steps to restore WhatsApp chat using Google Drive

  • First and foremost, you will have to have an updated WhatsApp app on your device, get it from Google Play store.
  • The next thing you will have to do is open up WhatsApp on your host device and in that Go to Settings ->Chat settings ->Chat backup.
  • Now you will have to choose Google Drive settings in that choose the Backup Frequency 2 option.steps to restore chat
  • In the next screen, you can click on any interval and connect WhatsApp account to Google account in order to back up the chats on WhatsApp.steps to restore chat2
  • Finally you will have to click on Backup Now button to start backing up the current chats to Google Drive.

That’s all, now you have learned, how to backup WhatsApp chat with Google Drive. And all your chats will be automatically backed up as per the interval time which you have given. So whenever your chats get deleted, you can restore it quickly by using your Google account.

What are you waiting for? Backup/restore WhatsApp chat by making use of Google Drive. Now on, you don’t require any manual methods to restore chats as you can completely depend on Google cloud server to restore chats that got deleted in case if you have reset your Android device.

Hope, I have given you with a real valuable information, share it with your friends and colleagues. Leave us a comment, if you have any queries regarding this.

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