How to Give Your Cell Phone a Spring Cleaning?



A mobile phone is one of the important gadgets that people carry with them anywhere including the loo. Then how can you expect that your phone is clean!

Even the toilet seat is cleaner than your cell phone.

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This report has published in Mashable (A famous digital media website).

Apart from toilet, these are some other things, which are more- cleaner than phone:

  1. Toilet seat (Bacteria per square inch 1201)
  2. Kitchen counter (Bacteria per square inch 1736)
  3. Pet food dish (Bacteria per square inch 2110)
  4. Check- out screen (Bacteria per square inch 4500)
  5. Doorknob (Bacteria per square inch 8643)

And the fun fact that you can’t think about your cell-phone! A cell-phone contains roughly 25000 germs per square inch.

Dr. Charles Gerba (Microbiology professor of the University of Arizona) said- “The results were not surprising” (Reported by Deb Group). He explained further, “No one ever cleans or disinfects their phone, so the germs and bacteria just keep building up.”

What types of germs- E. coli, influenza and MRSA (Methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus), that causes rashes and skin infections in different parts of the body, he said.

Neglecting to clean the cell phone is such an awful tech habit. Let’s take a good initiative this year- we will clean our cell phone from viruses and bacteria and get healthy.

Few of the tech- friendly tips to give your cell phone a spring cleaning

First thing before cleaning your cell phone- Switch- off the phone and remove the battery and faceplate. If keypad comes off easily, remove them.

Clean Cell Phone’s Screen from Microfiber Cloth and iKlear


Microfiber cloth which is a soft, lint- free synthetic fiber cloth is the best option to clean the sensitive surfaces of the phone. Use a good quality Microfiber cloth especially for phone’s screen.

For dirtier- screen, use a tried- and- tested cleaner such as iKlear cleaning kit.


iKlear cleaning kit is the Apple’s product, which is residue- free and environment-friendly polish. This is the only cleaning kit which is recommended by Apple Tech- Support and used by Apple Care.

Use iKlear with an anti-bacteria Microfiber cloth on phone’s screen can reduce 99% of the bacteria from it.

Note: Never use paper- towel or other paper- based towels as they can leave scratches on the screen.

paper towel


Use Compressed Air

As the pressure of compressed air is higher than the atmospheric pressure, it is good for cleaning out dust from keypad, headphone slot and charging slot. Lint, sand and more from the phone is easily got out of your phone via compressed air.

UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

UV cell phone sanitizer is mainly use to eliminate the unseen germs and bacteria from cell phone. It doesn’t make your device shiny.


In this video, you can see a UV cell phone sanitizer product named- ‘VIO light UV Cell Phone Sanitizer’ with worth $49.95. As UV light is used in industrial- setting for sanitizing on a much larger scale, this product claims that its working style is almost same as industrial- setting on a much smaller scale.

Phonesoap 2.0 ($59.95)

To charge a phone is compulsory for everybody but think if you have a charger that cleans the phone while it is charging!

Phonesoap 2.0 is the only phone charger that does same stuff.

How does it work?


Simply lift the lid and put your phone inside it. If you want to charge the phone then Plug- in. Close the lid. Sanitization will start and ends automatically within 4 minutes.

Homemade Cleaner

homemade 1
If you don’t want to spend much money on commercial cleaning products then homemade cleaner is also a good option to clean the cell phone.

To get started, you will need to manage these things first:

  1. Lint- free microfiber cloth
  2. Wood shafted cotton swabs or Q- tips branded cotton swabs
  3. Distilled water
  4. Isopropyl alcohol

homemade cleaner

Now, mix distilled water and isopropyl alcohol in the 50:50 ratios. Wet the Q- tip or wood shafted cotton swabs with the mixture of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water and apply it to the whole surface of your phone part, one at a time.

Use a lint- free microfiber cloth with this mixture and use it to clean the phone’s screen. Now your phone is new as well as it is free from bacteria and other viruses.

Remember: Household chemicals and disinfectants are too harsh, so never use these things to clean cell phone.

Household chemicals and disinfectants

Now you won’t get sick because of the dirty phone.

Is there any cool method to clean the phone that we missed? Let us know in the comments.



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