Easy Method to Receive Files Directly into Dropbox


receive files directly into dropbox

Have you ever thought of receiving photos and other files from people directly into your Dropbox? Normally what users do with Dropbox is adding files manually. But now it is quite easy to receive files directly into Dropbox. Well, Dropbox have a feature called file requests which allows you to receive files directly into Dropbox.

What’s more special about this newly added feature is you can get files from people regardless of whether the sender have Dropbox account or not. The files sent are directly delivered to the Dropbox folder as per your choice. It’s really that simple, do you think the same?

receive files directly into dropbox

How to request files in Dropbox?

In order to request files, you will have to visit the Dropbox request page or go to Dropbox’s web interface and choose file requests in the side bar. In the next screen, click on create a file request option.

Specify the title for the requested file and also the folder where you want to add these files. Fill those details in the text boxes appropriately and click Next button.

The next thing which you need is a unique file request link, so that you can share it with the people from whom you need to collect files. Dropbox could even email them the link if you wish. What you need to do is type in their email addresses.

To complete the procedure of file request process just click on “done” button. Another aspect of this method is the files which you received this way are private, i.e. only you could see the files.

Don’t you think it is a convenient  method to receive files directly into Dropbox?

Have you already used Dropbox file request feature? Do you know any other third party application that helps to receive files in an easier way. Share it with us in the comments section.



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