Playing Games Can Cure Your Worries; Gamer Try These iOS Games



“Video games foster the mindset that allows creativity to grow” – Nolan Bushnell (Founder of Atari)

If you’ve iPhone or iPad and feeling lonely in home or office- play a game. It always keeps you busy and tension- free.

“You don’t see people react this way when they read a book, view a painting, even watch a movie!” – Melissinos

Drama, emotion, challenge, winner and sometimes looser- all happens in a game.

Game- nighters! Shall we begin…

Real Racing 3: Best iOS Racing Game



100 million downloads in over 100 countries with many languages, Electronic Arts Inc. product Real Racing 3 sets the new standard for racing games on mobile.

Real cars, real tracks, real people and more choices than ever- you can feel a full generation ahead of the competitions.

The Tabby Award 2014 winner, Mobile Excellence Award 2013, Game Connect Asia Pacific 2013 Award and Finalist of Meffy Awards 2013 is enough to tell the success story of this gaming app.

Supports both iPhone and iPad

Price- Free

Monument Valley: Best iOS Puzzle Game

“Mountain valley stuns with it’s serenity…. Each screen is a word of art”- Huffington Post



Apple game of the year 2014 and winner of apple design award 2014, Monument Valley is one of the mind-blowing mind games, I ever seen.

When you play this game, definitely you’ll manipulate impossible architecture. Ida- a silent princess will guide on the mysterious mountain.

Go this stunningly beautiful world and solve the puzzle!

This ustwo’s gamming app supports both iPhone and iPad.

Price- $3.99

Heads Up! – A Best iOS Family Game

A fun and hilarious game- Heads Up! That Ellen DeGeneres played on her show….



According to The New York Times it’s a ‘Sensation’.

Really it’s a sensation. Either 1 friend or 100 friends- no issue! Play this with your all friends at the same time. Challenge your friends to guess as many words as possible from a themed deck cards that totally based on friends’ clues. Just tilt your phone and draw a new card. Lots of categories are also there. So you can choose your best one or make a new category.

Now it’s your turn! Play this game with your family or friends and Keeps your hilarious game play video in your cell phone or shares it in Facebook.

Supports both iPhone and iPad

Price- worth $0.99 only

Shadowrun: Dragonfall: Director’s Cut: Best iOS RPG Game

This is the ultimate version of Harebrained Schemes LLC critically- acclaimed Dragonfall campaign.



You can choose a skill- based character and command your team. Also can choose your actions wisely move to better cover with over 200 weapons and spells at your disposal. A fun- favorite game setting experiences you the ‘’Tech meets Magic” dystopian future of Shadowrun. So if you’ve no prior Shadowrun experience, this app is the perfect entry point to the setting.

Supports only iPad 3 and above

Price- $14.99

Infinity Blade III: Best iOS Action Game



“4 out of 4 – Another fantastic epic!”

Hey, I’m not saying this. It’s the “USA TODAY” view about this sensational gamming app.

Angry Bird, Candy Crush Saga or other popular games- Infinity Blade III is serving just like a champion for all video game admirers.

With an epinephrine-fueled sword-battle, dazzling oculars and a electrifying story of love, deception, and redemption, the real iOS blockbuster returns.

The responsive and intuitive touch controls, easy navigation, awesome 3D world, global clashmob challenges makes this action game more excited and sensational app.

Supports iPhone and iPad both devices

Price- $0.99 only

Walking Dead: The Game –Season 2: Best iOS Adventure Game



All I see in “The Walking Dead: The Game- Season 2” is an amazing, heartwarming, sad game that also has a story line that matches perfectly with the setting. Tall Tale efforts are awesome. In Seasons 2, all the critical popular episodes are available-

  • Episode1- All That Remains
  • Episode2- A House Divided
  • Episode3- In Harm’s Way
  • Episode4- Amid The Ruins
  • Episode5- No Going Back

Supports both iPhone and iPad

Download this game from iTunes without any cost.

Trivia Crack: Best iOS Trivia Game

Via this app, you can learn something new while having fun.

See this video….



See how smarter you are? Just be the part of Trivia Crack family. 1000+ exciting questions and 20+ game languages are available in this app which will check your smartness. You can also create your own question and chat with your opponents.

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Cost- Free

FTL [Faster Than Light]: Best iOS Strategy Game

Become the captain of your own starship!!



Enjoy the experience of atmosphere with a dangerous mission- A mission where you will try to save the galaxy but with every encounter, you will face a unique challenge with several options.

This app is compatible with iPad only.

Price- $9.99

Try these apps.

Here’s whole list of Gamming App for iPhone and iPad

What’s your favorite game? Share your experience with us.



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