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“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”- Albert Einstein

Creativity in any field is must and how creative you are- this is decided by your work and invention.

2016 is just going to start, let’s see the most innovative companies of this year. Definitely no companies have same work but if they are in this list means they are capable enough to do anything in their own field.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker sets a milestone for other companies by building the first great made- on- the- internet brands.  


Warby Parker is an eyewear (eyeglasses and sunglasses) industry, founded in 2010. All glasses designing stuff is done in-house and sells directly to customers for avoiding retail- markups.

David Gilboa, who is one of the founder member of company; says- “The only product we sell now is glasses, but we think our brand can stand for much more than that over a long time period.”

This is the real focus which is also followed by many e- commerce companies.  Warby Parker is only one who proved them, they are best and that’s why, this company exists #1 in 2015 innovative companies.


Few days ago, the Boston Consulting group released a report, and gave apple rank one position in the most innovative company of 2015.


Apple was established in 1976 in Cupertino, California. As the company’s slogan as it did. The slogan of Apple’s, “Think Different” and all knows Apple product is quite different from others. It produces new and unique things regularly. Recently it added many features which are more magical in iOS 8 like, HotelTonight, Instacart, Lyft, etc. If you upgrade your iOS with iOS 8, you can notice that TouchID Fingerprint sensor is more reliable.

On 2014, Apple’s sold 74.5 million iPhone in last three month, which was the most profitable quarter of any company in history.


Most innovative company: For the beautiful relationship with fashion industries.

Oct 6, 2010- The day when Instagram was launched by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Further this app is acquired by Facebook on April 2012.

Instagram is the most prominent app for photo sharing, video sharing and social networking service with the simple design and optimization for social connection.

But now, with the help of a fashion and art community leader: Kristen Joy Watts, Instagram is developing partnership in the fashion industries. That’s why, now fashion giants are looking Instagram for promoting and advertising their product.


For making the hit laptop- ‘Chromebook’


Google is mostly known for interned related services and products. In June 15, 2011, it introduced the first Chromebook.

Chromebook is a best option for those who works in Google Chrome, and spend their most time in web browser. It runs on Google Chrome Operating System but not able to run traditional application in it.

Only in 2014, Google has sold 5.2 million units of Chromebook. Due to its secure, simple, faster speed and affordable price, Chromebook is one of the demanded laptop in current scenario.

HBO (Home Box Office)

Most innovative company: For making HBO- the beauty of the streaming- TV ball.


HBO is an American pay television channel launched on Nov 8, 1972. In the 34 years long journey, the subscriber of premium cable network grew more in last year (2014).

When FastCompany Magazine has released the 2015 list of most innovative companies, except HBO no other television network presented on that list.

Few years ago (Feb 8, 2010), Home Box Office Inc. has launched HBO Go, which is a TV Everywhere service. This is the first inclusive mobile TV service. You can watch any episode from its library for free.


Alibaba- A Chinese e- Commerce Company also in the list of most innovative company, for helping consumer’s save, spend and be entertained.

It was established on April 4, 1999 by Jack Ma. All B-B (business to business), B-C (business to consumer) and C-C (consumer to consumer) services is provided by Alibaba via web portals.

Recently, in November 11, 2015 (China’s Singles’ Day), Alibaba has registered a record- break sale of $14.32 billion.


The largest and low- cost Indian airline-‘ IndiGo’ is only one airline company, that exists in most innovative companies of 2015 list.



IndiGo (founded in 2006) offers 647+ daily flights that carried 82 million passengers and connects to 39 destinations. Last year, it carried 21.4 billion domestic passengers alone.

In 2015, IndiGo is awarded by best LCC Aviation award for Excellence by Center for Asia Pacific Aviation.

Also See: CES Innovation Award 2016 which is going to start from Jan 6 at LAS VEGAS, NV.




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