• IBM and Xerox Claims Brain Controlled Apps is the Future

    Mobile applications are part of our daily routine already. People keep in touch with the friends around the world using Facebook, WhatsApp and similar applications. Have you ever imagined calling your friend by using the power of thought? This is something crazy to imagine, isn’t it? One day may be you will see an app for that too.

    Researchers are exploring the possibilities of developing smartphone apps that are capable of controlling the brainwaves as per IBM and Xerox paper which summarizes on Brain Computer Interfaces and its state of art. Mobile applications that are brain driven for dialing numbers, messaging and calling the contacts is not far from reach it seems.

    So, how does this work? Today most of the devices rely much on touch screen to trigger the action, but these software listens to the patterns of brain activity. It uses Electroencephalogram to detect the electrical activities of brain, which is actually worn on users head.

    Is it feasible?

    You might think of the complications involved in using such a software. Brain controlled apps is not that far away as you imagine. Now there are lot of study going on in this field of study. With the development of light weight EEG readers, these software have become much more feasible. EEG readers allows users to communicate phone wirelessly.

    The little hold back in making this project is the accuracy problems faced by BCI. Cornell University have already built a Neurophone which facilitates a brain controlled apps to call the contacts with the help of Emotive headset.

    Working of Neurophone?

    Neurophone chooses the desired contact to make a call by flashing images on the contacts saved on your device. When it finds the signal, this will make the call. However, the ability to detect the right contact depends more on the accuracy of the interface.

    Accuracy of systems that detect the signal falls when some physical tasks is being carried out. In order to bring up the accuracy levels to a bit higher, researchers put forth suggestions that control brain signals with the help of head and eye tracking. The user’s choice can be refined further from the list of contacts, say for example restricting to the most dialed contacts.

    Users may not get the comprehensive answer for how it is being done until the complete simulation is worked out. Using BCI for mobile can become really useful in developing applications in all sectors. These significant developments in the field neurology is a major outbreak, it will help to increase the computational power of mobile devices and the cloud storage. BCI based mobile brain controlled apps paves the way to the future and mobile will even get smarter than you believe.

    The paper by IBM and Xerox concludes by saying in an optimistic tone: “The use of BCI for mobile holds promise, as it would be useful for developing both assistive and general entertainment technology for the evolving mobile user”.

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  • Learn How to Backup WhatsApp chat using Google Drive

    Do you know that it is possible to backup WhatsApp chat by using Google Drive? You are probably here to find it out. Every smartphone user have WhatsApp installed in it, as it is an awesome free messaging app where it’s extremely easy to share things with people.

    When you share lot of information on a daily basis and someday due to some freaking situation, if you have to reset android device then all your chats will be lost in all. You can sit back without worrying about anything if you have a backup plan to store WhatsApp chat. And Google Drive allows you to do so within few clicks.

    So, how to backup WhatsApp chat using Google Drive? We have mentioned it below, have a look.

    You can start with setting up WhatsApp messenger application, the next thing in front of you is restoring or backing up with the help of google account, which will help to store all the chat history safely inside your Google Drive account. Here are the steps that have to be followed.

    Follows these steps to restore WhatsApp chat using Google Drive

    • First and foremost, you will have to have an updated WhatsApp app on your device, get it from Google Play store.
    • The next thing you will have to do is open up WhatsApp on your host device and in that Go to Settings ->Chat settings ->Chat backup.
    • Now you will have to choose Google Drive settings in that choose the Backup Frequency 2 option.steps to restore chat
    • In the next screen, you can click on any interval and connect WhatsApp account to Google account in order to back up the chats on WhatsApp.steps to restore chat2
    • Finally you will have to click on Backup Now button to start backing up the current chats to Google Drive.

    That’s all, now you have learned, how to backup WhatsApp chat with Google Drive. And all your chats will be automatically backed up as per the interval time which you have given. So whenever your chats get deleted, you can restore it quickly by using your Google account.

    What are you waiting for? Backup/restore WhatsApp chat by making use of Google Drive. Now on, you don’t require any manual methods to restore chats as you can completely depend on Google cloud server to restore chats that got deleted in case if you have reset your Android device.

    Hope, I have given you with a real valuable information, share it with your friends and colleagues. Leave us a comment, if you have any queries regarding this.

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  • Google Jinxed! Facebook Drives More Traffic to Media Sites

    Google still stands on top when it comes to most viewed website around the world. However things might change in near future or else Google have to become more proactive on the things which they do. Facebook is becoming a serious competitor to Google; Facebook drives more traffic to media sites beats Google as per Parse.ly (analytics firm).

    Facebook drives more traffic to media sites than Google

    According to Parse.ly, Facebook is accounting for around 43% of traffic to the media sites in its network comprising above 350 outlets like Reuters, Mashable, Atlantic, etc. The numbers are really big, it sends over 6 billion views and 1 billion visitors, which is a taunting figure. As if for now, Google is accountable for 38% of traffic into media sites.

    Facebook is rising in great speed, their rise to top traffic driver to media sites is not a big surprise anyway. If you monitor things more closely, you will find out why they are gaining speed. The increase in social media network users over past few years is in great numbers as well and it keeps counting, hence it has become a major power house for content distribution.

    Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has already pointed out the next major goal of Facebook. I.e. to come up with a perfect personalized newspaper that can be of great advantage for it users around the world.

    Facebook is trying to improve ties with publishers

    Facebook have already initiated couple of things one of which is the launch of Instant Articles. The introduction of Instant Articles is already making waves, it comes with Facebook hosting, which is readily optimized with content from the top publishers like NewYork Times, BBC News, The Guradian, NBC and so many.

    You can access the content present in Facebook app on smartphones quite easily, users doesn’t need to go out of the site by using an outside link. However, Facebook is playing really smart with Instant Article they have not disclosed, how it works well with users. Initiatives like these have helped Facebook to drive more audiences into it.

    Anyway online publishers, definitely need this boost up of social network to reach out to more eyeballs and the campaigns managed by Facebook has turned out to be a blessing to them.

    This healthy competition between Google and Facebook is actually helpful, when we think from the perspective of people around the world. And we are not really worried about who is gaining or losing, what matters to us is information.

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  • What is the Real Thought behind Google Alphabet?

    The rumors of Google going to plan a major makeover came very early. Some might have the feeling, what is the need for separating things out of Google? Now Google has become a collection of companies, managed by a core company called Alphabet. But it doesn’t mean the brand Google is taken over, it is still one of the largest company that stays under the core Alphabet comprising search, maps, Apps, You Tube, Advertising and Android. The remaining endeavors that is housed under Alphabet includes Nest thermostat, the moonshot x lab, the fiber internet service, and Google capital.

    What does this really mean?

    Google always defies better comparison. They don’t have the plans to become like Berkshire anyway. The logic is entirely different, the focus is moving towards investors without hurting the actual theory of what Google exactly is. When you think of what has brought this idea into Google’s founders, you will clearly understand one thing. This whole change is in response to the stagnant share price and of course to an extent the uneasiness faced by investors too.

    Experts have been speculating about this change, but Google has made it very clear to everyone that they are going to focus more on big projects. Whether this will work out or not, we will have to wait and see. But the argument is, as if for now at least Google’s theory is more importantly to funnel the profits that they are making from search and also through advertising to bring more talent and to explore the way they really want. The focus is definitely shifting there is not much argument in that anyway.

    Investors take on this entire makeover?

    It seems like investors still have some kind of uneasiness in this new strategy but anyway they have to come in terms with this change too. Lary Page and Sergey Brin have come up with a corporate regime in which they have stressed on the fact, the pressure for change by the shareholders.

    It was quite evident that they have to take measures as the growth was on the decrease, search engine advertising was slowing considerably and dissatisfaction of investors has brought the stock price stagnant too. These plans were always on cards for the past few months, Google took some initiatives in this time period to rein in at least some of the investments, reducing the expenses. And the direction was set clear, it’s going to be a new beginning with lot of objectives in mind, Google expects investors will be satisfied with this measure.

    The big concern of analysts and the relevant change

    Analysts were always under pressure due to Google’s structure itself. The businesses that they were managing was really hard to do any evaluation. The core business areas of Google were never transparent. The returns that they use to get from search engine and advertising were hard to observe, as the new business keeping pouring upon them. Now, they have got an all new strategy, which ensures there will be some kind of in-dependency for Google businesses.

    Investors will keep pushing for more from now on. The response for Google Alphabet as if for now is quite good, the stock price had a climb of 6%. And to my opinion, it might stay the same for a longer term by seeing the current trend. It is obvious that when the transparency increases, there will be more discipline and greater accountability.

    But this have a disadvantage too, the new form that has made things more transparent will also highlight some kind of disconnect between businesses of Alphabet. And it’s also hard to explain why these businesses are combined together. The change has not stopped investors in buying collection of projects anyway. When it comes to simultaneously investing in search engine, thermostats, research and drones, Alphabet really stands out. It allows to make investment in a much better transparent way but the biggest challenge in front of the company is convincing the investors.

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