Why Print Screen Key is not working? Check Dropbox Preferences!



You have numerous methods to capture what’s in the screen but the most preferred and favorite method is by using Print Screen button as it doesn’t require a paid software to do so. However, if you are worried about why Print Screen key is not working on your system, you may have to check applications like Dropbox installed on your system. Because Dropbox can hijack your Print Screen button and deny you from copying the screenshot to clipboard. Do you know it is possible to disable this option and reclaim the hijacked key? If you don’t know, I will guide you on how to do it.

If you notice Print Screen key is not working, follow these steps:

If Dropbox is not enable to run at startup then you may have to start Dropbox and find the icon from the system tray. After that, you will have to open the Dropbox preferences by clicking on the icon, follow the Gear icon then preferences

Inside the import tab, you will have to uncheck the Share screenshots using Dropbox option. Normally, this option will be enabled by default, which actually hijacks the usage of Print Screen key.

print screen key is not working

And when the setting is enabled to share screenshots, anytime you press the Print Screen button, it will take you to Dropbox folder instead of allowing you to add it on to the clipboard. And hence whenever you try to paste the screen you tried to capture, the previous item that you tried to copy will be pasted instead of the image. Therefore you will have to change the options by going to the settings manually.

Try this out, now you will be able to use your Print Screen button for pasting image into Paint or any other image editing application. However there are other screenshot capturing tools as well, which you can try to get your screenshot. I hope you are clear on what to do when you see your Print Screen key is not working.

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