How to stop blush-making auto play Facebook videos!



Recently Facebook has enabled an auto play videos feature on its website and apps. Many of the Facebook users are feeling annoyed because of this feature. As well as it consumes your more data and the speed of internet also effects due to this.

It’s blush-making, when you sit in a meeting or on toilet and Facebook videos get started automatically.


stop blush making auto play Facebook videos-1

It’s enough!! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Now, it’s time to stop the stupidity!

It’s so simple for all desktop/ laptop users, android users or iOS users.

If you are using Facebook on your desktop, try this:

If you want to see the best solution to stop auto play Facebook videos, then you’ll love this video.

Open Facebook, click on head to the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner. Go the video setting page.

Alternate method: You can also go directly to setting page.

Now, you have to choose Auto-Play Videos option. Change setting from ‘Default’ to ‘Off’.

There is some problem in safari as setting doesn’t show up there (As some users reported). So those, who are using it, you try some other browser.

Android users

Just open Facebook app on your mobile or tab.

Open left sidebar and tap App Setting. Then check the “Auto play videos on Wi-Fi only” box.


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Those who use iOS

Disable auto-play videos by just going setting option of Facebook apps.

On the bottom right corner, click ‘More’ and head to setting > videos and photos. Now, tap Auto-Play setting to turn it off.


stop blush making auto play Facebook videos-3


That’s it. Now videos will play only, when you want to play. I personally tried and told other’s, how to stop FB videos.

Share if you know alternate ways to stop auto play Facebook videos in the comments.



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