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For the past several months, there were rumors that Twitter is going to lift the 140 character limit from tweets. And the rumors are going to be true. But what worries me is that from now on we will start receiving long tweets which may not be worthy to read. Anyway it’s not in our hands at this moment. However, most people still don’t have any idea why 140 character limitation at first place. I will start with the reason behind that.

Why Twitter came out with 140 character limitation?

The reason is Twitter got started using Short Message Service or SMS. And this is when most of the SMS carriers had a 160 character limit on each message. But when Twitter launched they decided to reserve 20 characters for the username and hence tweets were limited to 140 character limit. This is the shortest version of 140 character story. And the inside story is even bigger.

Inside Story:

The whole idea of this short message service came up in the minds of Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey. How a city actually functions in real time, this is what fascinated him. This thought made him to map the city’s services, support system that includes emergency services and vehicle dispatches so and so. But he found something missing out there after creating the whole picture of the city. The missing element is nothing but the people, which really makes the city alive for the most part.

When Dorsey signed for a Live Journal account, this whole idea of creating a digital service took rebirth. He worked on it and for the medium he decided to go with SMS protocol and this resulted in this 140 character limit into play.

But we cannot emphasize only one part of the story, there is of course a lot more into that which eventually led to the birth of Twitter.

So, what’s your take on 140 character limit? Is it really required to lift 140 character limit? Or Should Twitter keep this constraint to stop people from posting long stories? Or do you think long tweets are the order of the day?

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